How To Play

How to play Super Six:

1) Select the match.

2) Select 3 players from each of the teams playing the match.

3) A total of 52 points will be available for selection of players from both the teams.

4) A total of 6 players shall form a team.

5) One wicket keeper is compulsory from any of the teams playing the match.

6) Select a captain and vice-captain from either of the teams.

7) Captain and vice-captain shall not be from the same team playing the match.

8) Join the contest with your team.

9) Keep watching your team performance on real time basis.

10) The captain shall get 2 times of his total points based on his performance and vice-captain shall get 1.5 times of his total points based on his perfomance.

How to play Second Innings:

1) All the rules remains same as mentioned above for Super Six, except that the modification of team selections shall be up to the completion of 1st innings.

2) The points of the 1st innings of the selected players shall not be counted in 2nd innings contests.

3) This shall not be applicable for Test matches.

How to play Battles:

1) The battles are created between player VS player.

2) The amount of all the customers shall be pooled and the same shall be distributed to the winners of the contests after reducing the rake income.

Example: If a contest is created between Virat kohli and Kane Williamson, the player with the highest points scored shall be considered as the winner of such battle contest. The amount collected after reducing rake income shall be distributed equally among every User who ever would have chosen the winner. Winner’s prize pool calculation – Prize pool divided by Number of times the winning player is picked.

If the entry fee is INR 10. A number of 1000 User’s select Virat Kohli and 300 User’s select Kane Williamson, the total cash pool is Rs 13000, the prize pool to be distributed shall be (13000-1950) = 11050.

If Virat Kohli scores high points than Kane Williamson, then prize pool of Rs 11050 shall be distributed to 1000 User’s who selected/picked Virat Kohli.

If Kane Williamson scores high points than Virat Kohli, then prize pool of Rs 11050 shall be distributed to 300 User’s who selected/picked Kane Williamson.